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Kryolan Multi Gel Clear 10ml

Kryolan Multi Gel Clear 10ml

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Kryolan Multi Gel Clear 10ml

Multi Gel Clear is a special gel that is used as an adhering base for loose glitter, gems, gilding flakes, glitter discs or powder particles. Multi Gel is easy to apply with fingers or a brush to the desired area. If you love the thought of using JT Makeup Gilding Flakes, the Multi Gel Clear is the perfect product to lay down as your base before adding the gilding flakes with the beauty of not having to wait until it goes tacky as the glitter, flakes and gems can be applied straight away. Suitable for the face and body. This product can be easily removed with soap and water.

Kryolan has a great reputation amongst make-up artist and has been established for over 60 years. No Kryolan product has ever been tested on an animal. Kryolan brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability, perfect for the professional environment. Kryolan use ingredients of the highest purity and skin compatibility.


5 ( 5 / 5 )
LOVE IT - have been using with a fine brush around eyes etc as an alternative to freehand glitter tattoos on the face. Alo used to add some fine detail 'glue' for glitter to stick to over designs on arms/ chests at bookings with not enough time to freehand glitter tattoo over.

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