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On Sale Kryolan Black Eyes wheel

Kryolan Black Eyes wheel

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Kryolan Black Eyes wheel

Cream colour circle is the classic Kryolan Supracolour Cream Make up in a handy 6 colour wheel.

There are different colour combinations for different effects like bruises, burn and injury, and Zombie

This is the bruise wheel which is perfect for creating , black eyes and is brilliant for speclail effects make and halloween face painting designs

The make up is soft and creamy and can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingertips. 

Kryolan has a great reputation amongst make-up artist and has been established for over 60 years. No Kryolan product has ever been tested on an animal. Kryolan brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability, perfect for the professional environment. Kryolan use ingredients of the highest purity and skin compatibility.



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Cream colour circle is the classic Kryolan Supracolour Cream Make up in a handy 6 colour wheel. ..
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