Diva Bat in Flight

Diva Bat in Flight

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Diva Bat in Flight

This could be a very popular stencil for your Halloween crowds.

Perfect for the busy artist, Diva Stencils are high quality stencils and are thin enough to use over the face and body and reusable time and time again. They are perfect for face and body painting plus great for airbrushing, dry powders and temporary tattoo inks. Small enough to carry in your kit without taking up space. Tab with hole on side of stencil to put a stencil ring through to keep your Diva Stencils together.

To use: Sponge should be slightly damp when tapping the paint onto the stencil, hold stencil firmly against the skin. Wipe stencil with a damp cloth or sponge to clean


When face painter and stencil lover April Fregd started cutting stencils for her own face painting kit, word got round very quickly how versatile and attention grabbing the stencils designs were. Now April has created her own stencil company Diva Stencils and brought out her own line of stencils, all with a huge fan base. Illusion are proud to be a UK stockist for Diva Stencils and the only place in the UK to purchase Divas from.

Each Diva Design stencil are cut on flexible 190ml Mylar.


Size 3” / 7.62cm round  

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