Diamond FX Metallic Palette 6 colours - 10g

Diamond FX Metallic Palette 6 colours - 10g

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Diamond FX Metallic Palette 6 colours - 10g

Diamond FX 6 Colour Metallic Palette contains 6 metallic colours – 10 grams each. The colours are easily refillable with Diamond FX’s 10 grams’ refill size.

Palette contains: Metallic pinky red, metallic gold, metallic silver, metallic green, metallic blue and metallic violet plus 2 Diamond FX brushes, # 3 round and # 2 flat brush.

Diamond FX Face Paint is a water-based face paint with a highly pigmented formulation. The perfect paint to create colourful designs. Diamond FX’s dense concentrated formulation helps retail brightness and consistency even when painted over other colours, offering solid coverage without fading or cracking. Perfect for line work, layering or blending.

Use only a small amount of water as the paint is designed to go further with less water.

·       Professional water-based make-up.

·       High concentration of pigment & vivid colours.

·       Can be painted over any colour, even white on black, while still maintaining its brightness and density.

·       Easy to use – Fantastic for line work as well as sponging.

·       No perfume.

·       Manufactured according to the EEC and FDA regulations.

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