On Sale Illusion Magazine - Issue 17.  Spring 2012

Illusion Magazine - Issue 17. Spring 2012

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Illusion Magazine - Issue 17. Spring 2012

19 step-by-step designs in this jam packed issue! everything from eye designs, frog, phoenix, jellyfish, hearts, dolphins and spring flowers are covered!

Claire Guest loves to paint clown designs, she tells us about her inspiration and shows us all her different styles of clown faces.

Nick and Brian Wolfe explain how to paint fur and show four designs that use the fur technique.

Sean Avram explains how shading and shadows can add impact and depth to your designs

Jorg Dusterwald has created stunning images where he blends body painted models into natural landscapes, breathtaking images not to me missed.

Two pages of new products, reviews, galleries, step-by-steps...it's all here!

Size A4
Colour Full colour
Pages 56 Pages
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Really amazing Body painting which i could never aspire to , but 19 step by steps very helpful to anyone needing a little more help, also good ideas for the older hands.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Heel leuk en ik doe er heel veel inspiratie van op :-)

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