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Fabulous brush holder which can hold 15 face painting and body painting brushes. When it is open,..
GBP £7.99
Based on 16 reviews.
Set of SIX One Stroke Face Painting Brushes by Party Xplosion On Sale
An amazing set of 6 one stroke brushes, perfect for use with one stroke face paints and split cak..
GBP £12.95 GBP £11.99
Based on 3 reviews.
Cameleon Brush Soap On Sale
All natural brush soap with conditioner. 100% vegetable oil based. Brush hairs, bri..
GBP £7.99 GBP £7.50
Based on 7 reviews.
Illusion & Friends Step-by-Step Guide to Face Painting vol 2 On Sale
This step-by-step guide for face painters of all standards features 28 completely new designs cre..
GBP £9.99 GBP £4.99
Based on 7 reviews.
Quirgles - Quirky face painting designs by Jody Rife On Sale
Welcome to the quirky world of the Quirgles! These cute, quirky creatures have been dreamt up..
GBP £12.99 GBP £4.99
Based on 7 reviews.