TAP 010 Stencil - Feathers

TAP 010 Stencil - Feathers

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TAP 010 Stencil - Feathers

Perfect for the busy face painter and for those wanting to keep their kit small, these TAP stencils are fun and easy to use for face painting.

Great for face paints, airbrush, dry powders and temporary tattoo inks.

Measuring 2.75 x 2 inches these designs are small enough for children or for the parents at a party who wants “just a little something” on their face or arms.

Try combining more than one stencil into a design for extra effect. To create a 3D effect, tap with a face painting sponge with one colour then slide the stencil over slightly and tap with a second colour.

Sponges should be slightly damp and when tapping the paint, hold the stencil firmly against the skin using the two tables on each side of the design.

Create fantastic face paint designs with these cute stencils

Wipe stencil with a damp cloth to clean.


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