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Glitter Chunks Metallic EDGAR

Glitter Chunks Metallic EDGAR

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Glitter Chunks Metallic EDGAR


EDGAR Glitter Chunks Metallic by Treasure House.

A pot of glitter heaven with this highly reflective cosmetic grade glitter chunks perfect for the face and body. Looking to create the festival look is easy with these metallic glitter chunks. Add with our mixing gel with your fingertips, brush or mascara wand and dance the night away. 

30gms glitter pot.

What is the glitter made from?

This cosmetic grade safe glitter is made from PET Plastic which is safe for the use on the skin. The Metallic Finish are thicker cut but are still made from the approved PET Plastic Material.

Is the glitter safe to be applied to the face and body?

The Glitter Chunks are EU graded cosmetic glitter safe to use on the hair, body and face. Glitter of any kind should never be applied directly onto the eye or too close around the eye area. Even though the glitter is safe non-toxic material, it could cause irritation if it gets into the eye.

What is the best best method of application and removal?

Always apply glitter with a skin safe gel or cosmetic adhesive. Use clean fingertips or a brush to press the glitter onto the adhesive. Aloe Vera Hair Gel works well when creating a glitter hair parting.

To remove, use an oil-based product such as Baby Oil. To remove glitter from the hair, shampoo will be effective. Sweep away from the eyes and do not scrub hard. Always remove glitter, do not sleep with the product on.

SGS Certification, Passed HLMTS Testing, ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certificates (Certification of environmental managements and quality management of products and company).

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